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Staying Face-To-Face

Halfway through the pandemic I was told, “If you don’t get online with your training you will get left behind.” 

So I tried it, and for me it doesn’t work.  I have since kept my resolve to only ever deliver my safeguarding training courses and MHFA England courses face-to-face.

Here my top 4 reasons why;
1/The learning that happens within the training room – participants learn from each other, not just from me. I get to see lasting work relationships between agencies form, which strengthen safeguarding practice outside of the training room.
2/The connection, the energy, the synergy in the room. It’s powerful, and transformational, and it drives forward good practice.
3/ The lightbulb moments – priceless
4/ The support I can provide to others, not just as a trainer but emotionally should they need it (I am a survivor and often meet other survivors in my training room who I am ready to catch if they need it).

My hope is that online training does not become the ‘NORM’ and the easy go-to for training as we move through the next 12 months. We lose so much online.  Lets keep connecting where and when it is safe to do so. #safeguardingchildren #training

Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility

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