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Learner Accessibility Statement 26th June 2023

Review date: 26th June 2024

Author: Sarah Henry


SHS LTD is committed to The Equality Act 2010 encompassing the equality duty which covers the nine protected characteristics: age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

SARAH HENRY SAFEGUARDING CONSULTANCY LTD is committed to ensuring that all of the training courses and services offered and provided at SHS LTD are fully accessible for all learners and will use learner pre course consultation, feedback and evaluation to ensure that this is the case.

SHS LTD always seek to ensure that learners needs can be met in full with a pre-course communication either via email or telephone call to the learner, or in person individually to ascertain if there are any learning needs SHS LTD needs to be aware of before the date of the course.

As SHS LTD the following is in place in order to meet the accessibility needs of all of learners:

·  1. The venue for the course and premises for SHS LTD is a building which is accessible for all with a disability (including hidden disabilities) including ramp access in and out of the building and is built on a single flat level throughout the training facilities.

·  2. The toilet in the training suite is designed to meet all needs – it is gender neutral and is a disabled toilet. NB – Other toilets are available in the cafe next door for anyone wishing to use a single gender toilet.

·  3. SHS have two parking bays immediately outside the building for disabled use.

·  4. SHS LTD has a hearing loop available in the training suite.

·  5. SHS have orthopaedic chairs available for anyone who needs one (x4)

·  6. SHS have tinted overlays for any printed text if required

·  7. SHS have a magnified glass for the use of delegates.

·  8. SHS can provide all handouts in large print upon prior request.

·   9. SHS provide a contract with terms and conditions which asks learners to advise of any accessibility requirements at booking stage. A telephone consultation and/or face to face appointment is offered prior to the course.

·  10. SHS trainers are mental health first aid trained.

·  11. SHS provides learners with hidden disabilities a quiet area for use if needed.

·  12. The website SHS LTD is accessible for all.

–  The website content can be easily navigated by using a keyboard

–  PDF Forms are accessible to screen readers

–  Resources can be accessed by people with a visual impairment due to the strong colour contrast

·  13. SHS use a large television screen 55” for ease of seeing any power points or presented information.

·  14. Any videos/films shown have subtitles for those who may have a hearing impediment.

· For learners with a hearing impairment a specialised telephone system translation will be used where a third party will join the call and help the learner to access the information.

15.  SHS provides bespoke and accessible one to one support to learners and this offered to all through the one-to-one coaching.

One to one coaching is all delivered face to face at Nostell Priory facilities or in the school of the learner. Where learners specifically request due to proximity to West Yorkshire then an alternative platform such as Microsoft teams or Google meet can be used as agreed with the learners.

16. It is a requirement of SHS LTD that all guest trainers adhere to this accessibility statement at all times and make their own individual arrangements for the above for courses where they are hiring SHS LTD premises for their training.

17. SHS training suite is an air-conditioned building for regulated comfort for learners.

18. SHS comply with the following legislation and guidance Understanding accessibility requirements for public sector bodies – GOV.UK ( – opens in new window)


Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

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