Mental Health and Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing

My new Wellbeing Workplace sessions can be delivered at your workplace or at a venue of your choosing, for example, a country park or gardens.   I have three packages available, please see below for details. 

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Package One

Half-day Wellbeing Session

3-hour session.

Up to 20 participants.

Covering self-care techniques, looking after self and others.

All participants receive a personal wellbeing pack to take away.

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Package Two

Full-day Wellbeing Session.

Up to 20 participants.

Covering Package One content plus practical application of some of the techniques. 

All participants receive a personal wellbeing pack to take away and a personalised wellbeing plan.


Package Three

Twilight Wellbeing for Schools.

1.5-2-hour session.

Up to 20 participants.

Delivered at your school. 

Covering relaxation techniques, looking after yourself, and ways to manage stress.  

A chance to relax and unwind after a busy day in school. 

If you or someone you know is in need of urgent help, the following link will take you to the NHS Mental Health Urgent Helplines service.  

Mental Health Helpline for Urgent Help – NHS (

Mental Health First Aid - Youth MHFA 2-Day Course

This course provides an in-depth understanding to participants of young people’s mental health and teaches practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health illness.   It enables participants to feel more confident when reassuring and supporting a young person in distress or crisis.    

You can visit my Mental Health First Aid booking page here and details of my next course dates can be found on my News page. 

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MHFA England Course Feedback

The delivery of the course was amazing. Sarah made a really intense training subject enjoyable. I have learnt loads. Thank you.
Within 13 years of employment at the college this is the most relevant and interesting and transferable course I have completed. Thank you.
A thoroughly enjoyable course, I have gained so much. Sarah Henry was so engaging and made two days go very quickly.
Sarah is an amazing instructor; passionate and clearly knowledgeable. She enabled all members of the group to get maximum benefit from the course.
Sarah made this course enjoyable despite the topic. She ensured the safety and wellbeing within the room and I personally felt extremely supported.
I found the course very informative and the delivery was first class. I would highly recommend.
I was very privileged to have this course conducted and delivered by this wonderful lady. Her ability to engage, motivate and move me with her knowledge and in places her own experiences was exceptional. I have been to many courses but Sarah's passion about what she does is inspirational. I have nothing but admiration and respect for her. I too am very passionate about the children in school and I aspire to the great lady Rita Pearson - "Every child needs a champion". I can now aspire to two woman to help me make a difference in my job role as learning mentor. One of these woman being Sarah. I look forward to meeting her again during training and would advise anyone to attend the course of MHFA and not be moved and liberated by how she conducts and delivers with passion, empathy and care. She ensured our wellbeing was positive throughout and welcomed any questions, concerns or issues to be addressed with her if necessary.

Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility