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Autumn Update

Welcome to my Autumn update and I hope you have had a restful and restoring Summer. 

I am very much looking forward to the changing colours this Autumn,  it is one of my favourite times of the year!

I am also looking forward to delivering lots of safeguarding and mental health first aid courses over the next few months. My diary for 2021 is now full.  2022 is now open for bookings.

We continue to risk assess all our venues and SHS has a detailed risk assessment in place to ensure that we are as safe as we can be in respect of Covid.  Social distancing and other health and safety precautions will continue to be followed in all courses delivered for the remainder of 2021.    

💚 There are a limited number of places left on the MHFA England Youth 2-day course in October and we would love to see you there.   This course is suitable for anyone working with children and young people age 8-18 years.  Or indeed any parent or carer would also be welcome to attend.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss.💚

Safeguarding means we all need to be the ‘eyes and ears’, looking and listening out for something that isn’t right.  Please head to my page ‘What To Do’ if you are worried about a child or adult at risk of harm for further guidance.

MHFA England Update 💚

I’m delighted to announce that Sarah Henry Safeguarding SHS, as a licensed instructor for Mental Health First Aid England, has now trained over 200 people to become Youth Mental Health First Aiders.   

That’s 209 wonderful professionals who now have the MHFA toolkit and knowledge to help them in their work with children and young people. 

This training is vital at any time but particularly during this unsteady time in which we find ourselves.   

Next Course Dates:
23rd & 24th September. Fully Booked.
14th & 15th October.  Fully Booked.
21st & 22nd October.  Places available.  Venue: Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
18th & 19th November. Fully Booked.
16th & 17th December. Places available. 
To book your place, please visit my MHFA Profile.   You can find out how I ensure Covid-secure delivery here.

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2022 Diary Open

My diary for the remainder of 2021 is almost full so I am pleased to open my diary for 2022. 

To book your face-to-face safeguarding training or your place on the Mental Health First Aid 2-day Youth training, please contact me. 

All of my face-to-face training will be delivered in adherence to government guidance.  

Is Everyone Invited?

‘Everyone’s Invited’ is an online platform where young people, children, children as young as nine years old have made disclosures about abuse they have endured in one of the places that they are supposed to be safe; in school. 

12,371 testimonials at the last count and a ‘community’ of 40,126 children who have joined.  

This is heart breaking. 12,371 children.  Children with a horrific story to tell. Traumatic sexual abuse experiences behind the school gates. 

Read More.

Sarah Henry © 01/04/21

COVID-19: The 11th ACE?

Is COVID-19 the new ACE?  A once-in-a-lifetime Adverse Childhood Experience that will have affected all children, not just in the UK, but all over the world?

ACES don’t discriminate, and we know that for many children living through them, they are affected long into their adulthoods. Rarely, if ever, though have we seen an ‘Adverse Childhood Experience’ that has affected so many children, in such huge numbers collectively, universally at the same time; in live time. The original CDC-Kaiser study done in 1998 described 10 different Adverse Childhood Experiences. Has the COVID-19 universal pandemic brought a new ACE to the fore?

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Sarah Henry © 01/03/21

The Essential Guide to Safeguarding Legislation

Want to find out all you need to know about safeguarding legislation in one place?

 Your wish is granted.  My pocket safeguarding handy card stacks are now available.    

Halfway through the pandemic I was told, “If you don’t get online with your training you will get left behind.” 

So I tried it, and for me it doesn’t work.  I have since kept my resolve to only ever deliver my safeguarding training courses and MHFA England courses face-to-face.

Here my top 4 reasons why;
1/The learning that happens within the training room – participants learn from each other, not just from me. I get to see lasting work relationships between agencies form, which strengthen safeguarding practice outside of the training room.
2/The connection, the energy, the synergy in the room. It’s powerful, and transformational, and it drives forward good practice.
3/ The lightbulb moments – priceless
4/ The support I can provide to others, not just as a trainer but emotionally should they need it (I am a survivor and often meet other survivors in my training room who I am ready to catch if they need it).

My hope is that online training does not become the ‘NORM’ and the easy go-to for training as we move through the next 12 months. We lose so much online.  Lets keep connecting where and when it is safe to do so. #safeguardingchildren #training

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Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility